One more week in OT2020

Hello everyone!

How are you?

I immersed in the total adventure that this trip is being. I swear to you that before starting with all this I knew that it would be an incredible experience but what is happening exceeds all my expectations.

I sleep little and work a lot but I am very proud of my boys and of seeing the personal and professional growth they are making. And with them, of course, I also learn. Growth is extensible to everyone and this is wonderful.
My life right now is summarized in an infinite loop of getting up, researching, reviewing classes, going to the Academy, teaching, coming back from the academy, analyzing, planning classes, trying to sleep … but still and having little time for the rest of things , I am being very very happy.

Yesterday, we had to fire Javy. An excellent talent with precious energy that I will always want to be close to. He said goodbye to us with a song that says a lot about him. A great with a great future that he will already enjoy and that I hope to see up close.

Despite the goodbyes, life in the academy goes on and today is Monday. So we start a new week and let’s go all out!
Every time everything is complicated a little more but nobody said that the road would be easy 😉

We continue!