Crazy good reviews

After a month since we settled in the Gran Vía de Madrid with La Jaula de las Locas, we cannot be more happy and grateful for the great reception from both the public and the critics.

We have been performing for a month now and we have not stopped receiving good words from both the cast and the production in general. We are sweeping each performance with a fantastic audience that laughs, gets excited and ends up standing up, leaving us with the whole company with knit hair.

Incredible reviews like that of Europa Press in which they affirm that “La Jaula de las Locas” is a musical that will make you feel unique. Without a doubt, it is worth buying time and enjoying this musical that will not only leave our hair standing on end, but the audience will be part of the number. A musical that reflects and fights to defend, above all, respect for everything and everyone. The idea of letting everyone be as they want is the motto that is transmitted with every movement, every tone, every note and every song.”

Reviews like this drive us even crazier!
Thank you so much everyone!