2020 runs its course

2020 runs its course, and our lives with It. Since the last entry on March 16 until now, a lot has happened: We kept the Operación Triunfo Academy open during confinement, as did Polònia. We returned with Operación Triunfo in a format adapted to the pertinent sanitary measures, I left Polònia TV Show to embark on new paths (I’ll talk about that later if everything runs its course) and recently we have returned with La Jaula de las Locas to the Tívoli Theater in Barcelona, also adapted to sanitary measures. We do not know how 2020 will end, or what awaits us in 2021. But I will be here, to continue fulfilling dreams. What is clear, is that a World Crisis is a good moment of change, of opportunity. I am informing you! In the meantime, I wish you all the best.